Coaching is a Process to Discover Your Vision, and to Develop New Habits to Achieve it.

- Naomi Chen

I am a Wellness Guide, Self-Love Coach and 500 RYT Yoga Teacher. My passion is guiding women on their journey to wellness. I help stressed out women to reclaim their balance and vitality through soulful coaching, and facilitating empowering workshops and adventure retreats. My mission is to empower and inspire you to cultivate self-care and self-discovery habits, allowing you to live fully and become the best version of Yourself!

Adventure Retreats
I host adventure retreats that combine relaxation and self-discovery with hiking and immersive adventure experiences.  Our next Retreat is a four-day adventure retreat in Sedona between May 31st to June 3rd. Come join us for a magical 4-day adventure in Sedona! Explore the mystical beauty of Sedona's landscapes and feel the powerful energy of its vortexes as you embark on breathtaking hikes. Experience uplifting yoga, soothing sound healing, and empowering self-reflection workshop. Leave behind the everyday routine and return with unforgettable memories, feeling empowered, and infused with new energy! Click Here for More Info!

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